Some systems are experiencing a major outage

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Status page for Harvard FAS Research Computing and the Odyssey3 Cluster.

Past Incidents

23rd June 2018

No incidents reported

22nd June 2018

Login Nodes Power outage at Boston data center

UPDATE: Still no ETA. The incident involved the potential for fire in a UPS (power supply) room which activated sprinklers in one or more UPS rooms. Restoring them involves drying the rooms and potentially re-routing power. We have no estimate of how long that might take. Please note that no RC assets were ever in danger of fire or water damage. This incident is limited to the building's power systems on our and at least one other floor.

MAJOR DATA CENTER OUTAGE A power incident at our Boston data center has resulted in a full power loss for services housed on our floor of the data center. This impacts the FASRC cluster (login nodes, home directories, lab storage, etc.) and also impacts our normal ability to communicate with you (our ticket system, status page, website and listserv reside there necessarily.)

We are working with the data center management, but have no ETA for when the power will be restored. Please let your staff and researchers know.

Thank you for your understanding, FAS Research Computing

21st June 2018

Regal Scratch Filesystem Regal Issues, affecting job completion

UPDATE: Regal is again fully operational

An issue with a Regals scratch OST is stalling job completions. We are actively working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

20th June 2018

No incidents reported

19th June 2018

No incidents reported

18th June 2018

No incidents reported

17th June 2018

No incidents reported